A true rowing class with results


What our Group members are saying

"I have seen improvements in my health and body I didn't expect: six pack abs, better posture, no winter weight gain, stronger legs and arms, better strength and stamina and no more upper back pain. Pedro is a great rowing instructor, and each workout is different so you don't get bored. This one has changed my mind and life! " - Cara Hague

"This class is awesome! When I first started on the rowing machine, I lost 7 lbs in 6 classes. Ir works!. You actually look forward to going! Give it a shot! You wont regret it" - Laura Allerding

"I have gained so much with this fitness program ! Weight loss, asthma control and the stamina to run! And the best, is here in Fort Thomas KY Could not be happier! Thank you Pedro" - Amy Strebel

"I am healthier, stronger, and my jeans fit better! The instructors make every class different so you never get bored" - Rachel Sullivan